How to encode .png to .basis with pvrtextoolcli

What’s the correct command line to encode .png to .basis?

.\PVRTexToolCLI.exe -i .\test.png -f BASISU_ETC1S,UBN,sRGB -q basisunormal -o test.basis
.\PVRTexToolCLI.exe -i .\test.png -f BASISU_ETC1S -q basisunormal -o test.basis

don’t work either, the output is the same

Error: Unable to save texture as requested format, please check the format being used is supported.

Hello and welcome!

Is there any reason why you don’t use .ktx2? Babylon.js has better support for KTX2 as it is a Khronos standard.
As for your question, I am not PVRTexToolCLI expert since I prefer to use much better (at least from my point of view) tool - GLTF-Transform (Command-line quickstart | glTF Transform).
Here are guidelines which also could be helpful - 3D-Formats-Guidelines/ at main · KhronosGroup/3D-Formats-Guidelines · GitHub

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thanks a lot

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