How to find Center of points?

Hi, i have an array of Vector3 points. is there a good way to find the center? thanks a lot!


Find the average of the points.

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hi, i just tried that, but when there are lets say 5 points on one side an one on the other, the average will be torwards the 5 points, not in the geometrical middle.

Any idea how to get this done?

Depends on your definition of center. The one I gave is the center of mass where points have unit mass, ie the balance point.

What do you mean by center?

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Find the max and min of all the vectors, then add the two of them together and multiply by 0.5.

const min = new vec3(Number.Infinity...)
const max = new vec3(-Number.Infinity...)
min.x = Math.min(min.x, vec.x)
min.y = Math.min(min.y, vec.y)
min.x = ...
max.x = Math.max(max.x, vec.x)
max.y = ...
max.z = ...

const result = max.add(min).scale(0.5)

I think, just rolled out of bed and have not had coffee but off the top of my head I think this is what you want.


Hello just checking in, was your question answered? @pcace

yes thanks for the reminder!

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