How to get high quality resolution with basic texture loaded from svg?

I am displaying as a texture an svg image using (as many to commonly) a line like
myMaterial.diffuseTexture = new BABYLON.Texture(“mySVG.svg”, scene)
It works but unfortunately the result is not really sharp, as the texture would be made off a 256x256 low res bitmap.
Is there a way to control the internal resolution of the texture and how?
What difference in performance would one have in resorting to a dynamicTexture and then drawing in the associated canvas ?
Many thanks! jm

To control the resolution the best would be to try to set the svg viewbox first (this could work but not tested :))


Adapting the Viewport OR preferably the Viewbox both works, even if some fine-tuning is probably needed.
Thanks again dear Deltakosh, bsegda gotov!!
If you’d like I could prepare a note to be possibly inserted in the doc. Et merci!

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Updating the doc would be lovely!

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