How to get the dimensions of a VideoTexture?

Currently, in order to get the dimensions of a regular texture, I am calling getBaseSize() inside AssetsManager onSuccess() call, because otherwise I get 0s, also using arrow function to get my data outside the callback.

Now, I wanted to follow the similar procedure, but can’t find a task dedicated to video textures. After some R&D, I used the binary task for that, but I received “undefined” after trying to create a VideoTexture inside the onSuccess call. Is there a playground with that? Or maybe my approach is wrong? I am pinging @MackeyK24 because he knows :wink: Thanks in advance.

I should mention that I need to play a locally stored content, in a folder inside the build. Works perfectly fine when using VideoTexture outside onSuccess context.


You can get the video element from the video texture ( and then use any method you wish to check the size (for example this - javascript - HTML5 Video Dimensions - Stack Overflow)


Thanks! I used another approach -> onLoadObservable. Works like a charm!