Getting a black blank screen for VideoTexture

Is there a limit as far as how big the file size is for a VideoTexture? I’m putting some on planes but the browser would only show a blank screen with audio.

can you repro in the PG? What kind of resolution are we talking about?

Turns out it’s a dropbox problem. I follow the instruction for dropbox assets …but the mp4 just won’t load. It’s a private video so I can’t really share this right now.

Sorry to butt-in, guys. FBa… another thing to remember… is how lights and emissiveColor… can affect video brightness. There is also a .level that can be involved. Fun and simple little demo… (you might need to RUN twice - something about user-must-activate reported at console)

WAY back when I was a youngster… I forgot to “light-up” a videoTexture… and I was bewildered for over a week! My TV had sound, but no picture. :slight_smile:

I discovered that the ‘brightness’ knob was turned all the way DOWN… for both videoTexture AND for programmer Wingnut. :wink:

Be well, everyone.

Hmm…Will look into this thanks!
Last time I tested the exact file one from dropbox, another from a local server. The local server had video+audio, but the dropbox one only had audio…