How to get the point positon on the Dome

Get the point on the Dome when the mouse is clicked.
I’m going to implement placing a label when the mouse clicked.

Think ray casting might be good for this? Mesh Picking | Babylon.js Documentation

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Cannot pick The dome.

I think that might be because the domes are infinite distance.

Make a secondary blackfacing sphere that is not infinite distance and pick on that.

You will just have to mask it from the rendering camera, that should get you a vector you can use. As long as your camera is always at origin there should be no other concerns.

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Ya I was afraid of that but I like @Pryme8 's idea.

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Not necessary, there is size option

Here is the example (see console messages) for the right mouse click -
The last console message is picked point.


Perfect answer, Thanks

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Cool, yeah did not know that param was there! Learn something new everyday.