How to handle glb/gltf file name with blankspace?

We have different glb assets with file names, some of them have blankspace (e.g. building 1.glb).
I have tried different import methods from BJS, but all failed with internal server error.

I also tried “encodeURI” to convert the blankspace to “%20”, but still no luck.

Can anyone give me some suggestion? Or I have to change the name of all these files?

Many Thanks.

It works in Playground just as it is - Babylon.js Playground
It should work in any normal environment.

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Thanks @labris . Sorry, I should have checked the case in the Playground first…

The work i am currently doing is built on cef (Chromium Embedded Framework) and running BJS as a local Application. In order to read the local files (e.g. gltf, glb etc.), I used the custom scheme handler to handle local files (other than drag/drop or file upload button). I guess the issue is related to that part of the code other than BJS.

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