How to implement collision detection on Babylon.js Editor v4.0

Hi, @julien-moreau

Great thanks for Babylon.js Editor v4.0.0. I cloned the repo and build it myself.

I’m making a simple ping pong game on Editor v4.

I’d like to add collision detection, which is similar to “onCollisionEnter” on Unity.

But I could not find how to implement.

Any comments will help me. Thanks in advance.

Ref: I introduce the editor to Japanese.


Hey @Limes2018,
Thanks a lot for all these refs!!

I found that documentation about collisions: Intersect Collisions - mesh - Babylon.js Documentation
Maybe we can ask @RaananW for more informations if a collision event exists.

Also, I know that you can use the action manager to triggers actions “on intersect mesh” etc. Use Actions - Babylon.js Documentation
see “OnIntersectionEnterTrigger” and “OnIntersectionExitTrigger”

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Thanks a lot for quick reply! I remembered action manager.

I’ll share my blog post soon after my game has been completed :slight_smile:


Thanks to getting your advice, I have implemented a collision feature by using “intersectsMesh”.

Here is the result. I’ll add score, time and etc.
I’ll post how to implement the whole feature in my blog.