How to ImportMeshAsync of an splitted GLTF-/bin-file?

So i’m using ES6-Modules and imported the core and loaders.
I can load all filles perfectly file, besides "splitted"gltf-files.

Like you probably know, there are glb files, Gltf (embedded) files (which also contain the glb data) and there are GLTF-files with a seperate bin-file…

How do i now Load these Splitted files?
I use: SceneLoader.ImportMeshAsync(“”, “”, file, this._scene, undefined, fileExtension)

file is a variable of the type File (obviously lol)

So idk what "ArrayBufferView is. It’s also a possible input instead of File…

I also know that i can just use a string with “data: myfileString” so i could maybe use the gltf file and the bin, add them together and i’m fine? Like i can’t just append the bin to the gltf string, right?
Anyway i will take a look how the embedded file looks and if i can figure it out how to get an “embedded” GLTF-File from the GLTF and bin files

Loading .gltf files works in exactly the same way as loading .glb files. Additional files will be searched for in the same directory as the .gltf file, or in subdirectories, depending on the path given in the file.

For example:

The BoomBox.gltf file references a .bin file as well as texture files in the same directory as the BoomBox.gltf file, and as you can see, it works correctly.

That’s true it does also work fine when i use files from an online source. But i let the user choose a file from it’s file system…

It’s more like the Sandbox when you only give it one file it’ can’t load it. But that’s fine but i also need to do it like the Sandbox when it get’s both files. It should work by reading the .bin file and appending that in the right position of the gltf file (or actually i will just make a string from both together…)

So i will read the gltf, then the .bin-File as DataURL. Then i will merge them together correctly to get an embedded gltf…

I think we are not allowed to read a file from the file system if the user didn’t choose it first (for security reason). So, we can load the .glb file because the user chose it, but the corresponding .bin file we can’t, because the path has been built by the js code and the user didn’t explicitely choose to load this file.