How to introduce Ammo.js

Excuse me, how to introduce Vue Ammo.js

Your question is very generic, so I assume your question is how to add Ammo.js physics to a babylon scene with a Vue-like setup.

First add ammo.js to your dependencies like so:

npm install github:kripken/ammo.js

If you are using typescript you may have to add a module declaration by creating a file index.d.ts in your src folder, and include the following:

declare module "ammo.js";

Now in your babylon scene file:

import { AmmoJSPlugin } from "@babylonjs/core";
import * as Ammo from "ammo.js";

async function createScene() {
    const scene = new Scene(engine);


    const gravityVector = new Vector3(0, -9.81, 0);
    const ammoModule = await new Ammo();
    scene.enablePhysics(gravityVector, new AmmoJSPlugin(true, ammoModule));

    return scene;

That’s exactly what I want. Thank you for your answer.I was puzzled by this question for a long time. It’s right to come to this community.

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I just love the ‘decrypting skills’ of the contributors in this BJS forum :joy: My study of this alien :alien:language continues… :man_student:

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