How to use AmmoJSPlugin when working with TypeScript

Hi, I’m very confused when trying to follow documentation for how to get AmmoJS running in my TypeScript/Webpack project. The documentation seems to imply that I need to npm install ammojs, but only if I’m working with AmmoJS directly as opposed to this implementation found in babylon.module.d.ts:


I have declared a variable like so:


And I have setup my physicsEngine and imposters like so:

and naturally, cos it’s TypeScript it automates the following imports:

It all compiles fine, but in the browser I get an empty screen and this appears in my console:


I’ve even followed the kripken solution mentioned in the docs and here and still no luck because then it asks for type definitions which don’t seem to exist.

What am I doing wrong? I can’t find anything in documentation to clarify on this process.

pinging @sebavan

import * as Ammo from 'ammo.js';
const gravity = new Vector3(0, -9.81, 0);
this.scene.enablePhysics(gravity, new AmmoJSPlugin(undefined, Ammo));

You get that error, because the plugin is looking for ammo and you didn’t pass it in. I think otherwise you need a global declaration.

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