How to keep some model the same size on the screen and some scaling when mousewheel with ArcRotateCame scene?

I want to keep the sphere in the scene the same size on the screen(for example, the sphere diameter equal 40PX for every frame) when mousewheel, and at the same time the Box size on the screen changed.

For I want to show some description of the box when click the sphere, it is just a auxiliary button, and I do not want to scale it.

How can I achieve this?

hi welcome to this forums
Sprites - Babylon.js Documentation this can help you
also ou can look for this too Babylon.js Playground

i start work on the fixed Helper Point
that is not complete yet ( i work on do it by GPU )

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I find I did n’t describe the problem correctly in this topic.

Yesterday I described the problem again and then created a new topic

@nasimiasl This is my first topic and thank you for your reply, it letting me feel the enthusiasm of the people in the community for the first time!