How to listen deterministic lockstep on the engine level?

In other words, I want to do something like scene.onBeforeStepObservable.add(), but on the engine level, not on the scene level. As alternative it could be handy to have something like stepId inside of engine. We have frameId there, but it’s related to ‘render’ events, not ‘step’ events.

Is it possible to add this in BabylonJS, or maybe it’s already there, but in some not obvious way?

But 2 scene might have different mode, I am not sure what would it bring to do it at the engine level ?

I have some ‘Manager’ instances in my app. I don’t want to reconnect them each time when scene changes.
Since the deterministicLockstep and timeStep are defined on engine level, I guess that the ticker itself is implemented on the engine level as well. So, I am wondering if it can be exposed.

I want to listen that ticker in a similar manner like we do it for rendering ticker via runRenderLoop.

@Cedric might know?

Unfortunately no. I’ve only seen recently some methods on the scene to have determinism.
I would create a new engine with determinist steps and a custom runloop.

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