How to load FBX file in babylonjs

Hi, I am creating a tool to load different 3D models on the web, but since babylonjs does not support FBX files is there any workaround to load FBX files?

One thing I observed is that if FBX is converted into GLTF or GLB it works pretty nicely so is there any library that can convert the FBX file to GLB or GLTF without a BSD-3 license :slight_smile:

You can use Blender to import .fbx and export as gltf/glb.

But this might work too, with NPM:

on GitHub:


@Ishan_Jirety Actually, I found an FBX loader in Babylon.js Editor code

With a couple of adjustments, it’s working on the web!

The first screenshot is from blender preview and the second one is from the web.

All I needed to do is to use Buffer polyfill in order for the binary reader to work, also I haven’t tested video support. I needed to comment out some code there as it was writing to the file system.

@sebavan @PirateJC guys, any reason why the plugin wasn’t ported on the web?

You probably mean Editor/src/renderer/editor/loaders/fbx at 8525b05092c839f50c4b83e8bd410966a421f88b · BabylonJS/Editor · GitHub (I changed the link in the previous post)

@julien-moreau what is it missing to go as a standard loader ?

Hey !

@sebavan I’m sure it can be interesting to have fbx support but the current one available in the editor partially supports fbx. It:

  • mainly supports geometries, bones
  • partially supports materials (only standard material and no video support at the moment)
  • no support of morph targets
  • no support of cameras and lights
  • was shamely inspired by the fbx loader of threejs

If there is a real interest of fbx loader in babylonjs I can work on adding it officially (that is also interesting for me) but will require some consequent time to have it finalized.

@Ishan_Jirety, if you have to enumerate features of the fbx loader ordered by priority, which specific feature would you like once meshes are loaded ? Full material support ? Etc.

Thanks ! :slight_smile:

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Let s at least keep it in mind if it becomes a highly requested feature but I would guess some gltf converter for fbx might be available in wasm at some point ?

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