How to lock the rotation of

Hello, I have been browsing around and can’t find any way to do this. Does anyone know how to lock the rotation of an object so my thing doesn’t fall over and do what it does or just how to fix it falling over in the first place? If it doesn’t fall just reload, it seems a bit random.
The project in the playground
The project with textures and stuff on my site

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Let’s see if @RaananW or @Cedric can help here as it is related to physic engines.

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Hi @Kale_Ko,

I have noticed you are using a box impostor for your player, which does have a fixed straight bottom. If dropped from above, some forced will make it “rotate” a bit, but if you place it in the right place it doesn’t - My project | Babylon.js Playground

This will not solve it completely, but will give you a starting point. As I am not sure what you are trying to achieve, it is hard to say if this is an acceptable solution. Maybe a physics engine is not entirely what you need for player control, but it all depends on the usecase.