How to make a pipe with liquid stream

Hello folk!

Sorry for the stupid question, I’m a newbie.
Can someone show me an approach how to make a pipe with animated liquid stream?
I got tube - it was easy, but Google didn’t help me with liquid streams examples.

It seems like this example is more close to my case Babylon.js Playground

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Hello and welcome to the Babylon community!

The example you showed is using Particle Systems Particles | Babylon.js Documentation (, so you could play with properties like the emitters, direction and speed to create an effect of flowing through a tube: Babylon.js Playground ( @mawa also went in some great detail about this effect in a recent post: Make diffuseTexture move over mesh - Questions - Babylon.js (


@Evgeni_Popov I think did a particle water demo but Im not sure how to find it.

Hum, I don’t remember having done that (I only did some fluid rendering demos but that are not relevant for this thread)…

Maybe a picture of what you want from google search could help? Are you thinking like a faucet with water coming out, such as a sink or coffee maker? Or like a top down view of an oil pipe that is kind of see through that so that you could see the liquid

If it really is a pipe, I wouldn’t do it with particles. Either simply animate a material or create a node material. If the pipe is only horizontal (does not go up or down) and you want to show a flow that’s filling just half of the pipe and/or is eventually an irregular flow, you can create a half pipe inside the pipe and then animate this mesh material (or as I said use a node material).

Oh I just remembered I have a waterfall NME example here Waterfall | Babylon.js Playground ( :slight_smile:


If that’s what they are looking for I got an example too!


Piped water?