How to make selection on map on hover

I have textures on babylon.js
And I use example Babylon.js Playground with my custom map.

And I want a similar effect to be on the texture when hovering over it with the mouse in certain coordinates, for example:

So that it is not a selection of an area on the canvas with the help of CSS I wont a real selection 3D area.

Hi favorite_music,

Welcome to Babylon! I think probably the best starting point will be this Playground, which illustrates a way to move objects around a plane in accordance with the cursor.

Drag Demo | Babylon.js Playground (

From this starting point, all you should have to do is make your selection asset (an object or perhaps a light) follow your cursor even when it isn’t clicked, and how it looks will be determined by the selection asset you choose. Hope this helps, and best of luck!

Hi @favorite_music

The simplest way I think is use decals. See the following example:

My terrain uses a custom build shader material. So I used a different more dynamic approach by using dynamic texture: First, depending on mouse hover location, I decide what shape to draw on the dynamic texture. I then provide the texture as a uniform to the terrain’s shader material. Finally, in my fragment shader, I blend the dynamic texture with the base color for the terrain.


If you look through the playgrounds you’ll find various versions with different textures