How to make sky box art? And misc questions

How do you make your skyboxes?

I’ve googled around to find a few skybox editors, but before buying something random I was hoping for some recommendations. Or maybe tricks to just draw them by hand or generate them.

Are there other major formats of skyboxes other than this 6-image configuration?

(ignore waterbump.png, that’s for something else)

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Well, in the past I have created my own skyboxes - but it does depend on what you are after.

  1. Spacescape - views of the universe. Example I created here . Works with Windows 7 and XP though for some weird reason maximum image size seems to be 2048x2048 with Windows 7 but 4096x4096 with XP :open_mouth:

  2. Bryce3D - terrains . Kind of old software (32 bit) but can produce skyboxes. An example I created for a demo of instances of trees and rocks. - go to the terrain edge to see through the fog but don’t fall of the edge :wink: A tutorial here Still available from Daz 3D for $20, I believe, although there maybe ways of getting it for free.

Not sure if that helps.

cheers, gryff :slight_smile:

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Good options, thank you everyone.