How to make the ball roll different distances by the amount of force

Please tell me, using the physics engine, how to use the force to control the distance and speed of the ball rolling like in reality, the bigger the force the ball rolling faster and farther, according to the example on the document seems to be impossible to achieve. Thanks!

As this is an english forum, it would be great if you asked your question in english. We understand that not everyone here is a native english speaker, and have no problem with trying to understand :slight_smile:

@gygy93 You can try using DeepL


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Browsers have built-in translate to English (I tried Edge and Chrome), so it’s not terribly difficult, but it would be better to translate to English in the original post so we can save some time.

Thank you, revised

Thank you, it has been revised

The force applied to the ball will be determined by the magnitude of the force vector in applyForce, just like any physics simulation: Physics with spheres | Babylon.js Playground (

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Thank you very much for your answer, but I followed this example and the ball keeps rolling and won’t stop, maybe something is wrong, I’ll check it. Thank you.

found the problem, before the friction set to 0, and then the physics engine into ammo on the good before is cannon, thank you again

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