How to move an object based on its current rotation?

Hello, I am trying to make a system where someone can click the forward arrow and go forwards from any rotation. I got the key detection working, but I have tried a couple of things for the movement but nothing I am doing works. Thanks

What kind of system are you trying to implement?

It’s a bit vague, a repro in the playground would definitely help.

You can use locallyTranslate, or transform the vectors yourself, if all you want is to move a mesh based on one of its local axes.

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@Kale_Ko Are you trying to make a game with third person controls and the capsule as the main player? If so, wouldn’t an arc rotate camera be more useful? The current camera is a bit difficult to control. This playground might help - it implements an arc rotate camera and has a third person movement script with a capsule as the player.

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Yes that is exactly what I am trying to do