How to properly make a game responsive

I’ve tried to search this in here and, even though I know it’s probably been answered before, I just cannot find it

How to scale all the meshes inside the canvas based on the canvas (window) size? What I want to reach is keep the game the same ratio across several devices and, knowing that the most popular way to create responsivity games is scale up/down the meshes to keep the same experience, how can I do this with babylon?

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By default in babylon, we should always have the same proportion in the canvas, you can actually test by resizing the playground page ?


I don’t test it because I think I need to create something before, but I change the resolution and it worked!
Thank you for your help and sorry for the inconvenience :sweat_smile:


No problem at all, if you were wondering, somebody else would probably as well so the topic can help them :slight_smile: