How to resize the Logo added in SPS particles?

I added a logo to my SPS particles, and it seems to be very low in size. how should i work on it?

Sample PG: (not having the same dimension as my project’s)

To a certain extent (and without editing the actual texture file) you can play around with u/v offset and scaling:

SPS Examples | Babylon.js Playground (

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Thank you, What can be the next steps?

the next steps would be to implement that in your solution, I guess?

yes, sorry i meant the same!

to increase the size of the boxes itself?

I am sorry - not sure I follow. Are you looking for a different solution?

You mentioned ‘to a certain extent’ right, so that where i was confused and just wanted to know that what can be other ways to work with other than u,v offsets

Oh, changing the texture would probably make more sense IMO. This method very much depends on your UV mapping

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