ParticleSystem texture

I have a question, can texture images in particle systems only be square
I used a rectangular image as the texture of the particle system, Is there a way to modify the extruded texture

Maybe you can tweak UV scaling and offset:

ok, thank you very much

Have you tried using a non-square texture with your particle system?

I think it should work straight away.

If the non-square texture is not processed, it will stretch

If you set the scale property of the particles to the ratio of your picture, it should work.

For eg, if the picture is 100x300, set ParticleSystem.minScaleX = ParticleSystem.maxScaleX = 1 and ParticleSystem.minScaleY = ParticleSystem.maxScaleY = 3.

I am implementing a special effect that is cool, but there are many problems that need to be solved step by step.

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thank you very much,

mr Takemura method can also be tried

maybe use ‘Solid Particle System’ is a good direction

Honestly, I don’t see a reason to use SPS here. There seem to be no volume on these swords (from the videos). They look more like just a projection to me (with a glow). On the other, if it was, may be adding a trail mesh to them could be cool?

so cool,It’s very worthwhile for me to give it a try

I mainly consider that particles always face towards the monitor, which is something I didn’t consider before,

Well, there’s a way to offset them but since they are just 2D sprites, you can not display them in full depth towards the camera (else it would become invisible).