How to rotate a mesh with collisionsEnabled property?

I see mesh.moveWithCollisions() method but I don’t see something like: mesh.rotateWithCollisions() method. How to properly rotate a mesh with collisionsEnabled property?
Or maybe doing something like mesh.scaleWithCollisions() to change collision size with its mesh?

This is not supported by default at the moment, let me add @Cedric and @RaananW in case there is an easy trick I am not aware about.

Ellipsoid are axis aligned and it’s not possible to rotate them
So, you can hook an collision to a transform, then have a child transform that you can rotate as you want.


@Cedric It’s impossible that moveWithCollisions takes into account rotation? would a implementation of that be expensive?
I’m not sure if I understand the second part correctly.
(if possible with a trick, how would it work in a scenario like this: moveWithCollisions rotation ?)

feature request? (rotateWithCollisions, scaleWithCollisions)

It would be great but I think it’s too hard to implement so it’s better to use physics I suppose

thats a bummer :frowning_face:

As @Rata_Blanca said, as soon as you need more advanced features, the best is to use a physics engine.