How to select multiple nodes at the same time on scene explorer?

Hi everyone,

I want to select more than one nodes at the same time.
In the image you can see that plane node is selected. If I click on another node, highlighted line changes. However, I want to be able to select two different nodes at the same time, and I want to change their visibilities via a button or a keypress. Is it possible to add this kind of property inside the scene explorer?

Hello this is not supported for now:(

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Can we implement some methods for the scene explorer and the inspector in our projects? Does it depend on the library files or it is it extensible? If not, I have to implement my own inspector with a gltf parser

It is open source so you can totally fork it and even better do a PR to add the feature if you feel it :smiley:


@pura01 we’d love to see contributions to the project, if you’re interested we have a documentation covering the process Start Contributing to Babylon.js | Babylon.js Documentation ( and you can ask us any questions :slight_smile: