How to set animation to a imported gLTF


I am try to import Ready Player ME and set it walk animation. I am able to Import the glb from readyplayerme and now I have to set it waking animation but i haven’t work with animation group. Can anyone help me with this.

Thank You

Can you please create a playground with your model so we can try to have a look ?

Hey i have added the code on Playground please check it

In this playground i have imported two models the first one has the animation with it and the second don’t have. what I want to do is to use the animation from first model to the second. they both have the same rig.

Oh you are trying to retarget an animation, @bghgary might have a trick for it.

I tried assigning the skeleton without much success

Probably something like this:

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Yes, thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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