Camera animation imported from glb

The glb link: scene4_7CameraBaked_QA.glb - Google Drive
I have a glb scene. If you put it into sandbox, there will be camera animation associated with camera0. The related animation is animation0_channel0 and animation0_channel1.

How can I import this scene and play the animation?
Note I will create a const cameraCreated = new BABYLON.FreeCamera(). Can cameraCreated simulate the animation?

You can import a glTF/glb object this way:

To make your assets available in the Playground: Using External Assets In the Playground | Babylon.js Documentation

When you import a file with animations, I think the first one is automatically played (but you can play others, of course).

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var camera0 = scene.getNodeByName("camera0");
scene.activeCamera = camera0;

It turns out just set active camera to camera0, the animation will auto play at the start point.