How to set aspect ratio of cameras?

Hi everyone, I’m looking for some example of how to set the camera’s aspect ratio, which should be the output for the viewer’s eye, but I’m looking in vain, probably wrong. For example, I want an aspect ratio of project: 16:9 or 4:3, 4:5… So I’m looking for how to set the camera’s aspect ratio? I have the project in an iframe with, CSS setts: “width” at 100% and “height” can be variable according to the aspect ratio set in babylon.js. My width is as default: 1170px and the height is calculated automatically at: 585px. But I need/prefer to have height at a width of 1170px at a size of 658px. Of course, the width and height must change in the browser depending on the size of the browser window, the iframe. What I need is to choose the rendered aspect ratio. Thanks for your time.

I believe there’s a bit of confusion around this. One thing is the screen/window size and ratio. Another is the scene capture from the camera. A camera does not have an aspect ratio in itself. The aspect ratio you can get on a camera (I mean a real one) comes from a combination of the lens size and field of view (+ focal distance and the lens shape). The ones you can get on i.e. a digital camera or a smartphone come from an extrapolation of these values. Same for the cameras in apps. Though, I think BJS does not have this implemented (unless I overlooked it). I believe a good way to start playing with this aspect ratio from the camera to get a panoramic vs 4:3 view would be to play with the FOV and lensSize (a property you can set from the rendering pipeline along with focal distance). That is for a camera in perspective mode. I have little knowledge about the use of the orthographic camera. May be someone else who knows better will kick-in.

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I think you can play with the fov and fovMode properties to achieve this?