How to show a 2D picture better?

I am making an effect, refer to the demo of three.js,just like this glow effect:

I found the glow effect use two picture:
lightray_yellow lightray

But, it can’t achieve similar effect, after I try to use sprite, cone and plane. Who can help me?

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hi. you need emissive channel of material and use glow layer postprocess Make Mesh Glow - Babylon.js Documentation or you can use more complex default render pipeline with bloom effect Use the default rendering pipeline - Babylon.js Documentation and maybe you need refactor your solution and make few sprites in vertical direction or better make particle system. this take you more flexibility of solutions

Thank you! I think this is solution, I find it is achieved by two plane.

hi/ one little thing. for rotation you need use Math.PI
plane1.rotation.y = Math.PI/2; or convert degrees to radians. with rotation on -1 radian now your get not perpendicular planes

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Thank you ! :grinning: :+1: