Making a ray gun

I was looking at this playground and I want to add a feature much like this ray gun to my game. My only problem with this is that the lightning very clearly appears to be 2D because it uses a plane. Is there any way to add more “depth” to it to make it look 3D. I’m just looking at being able to fire a glowing ray from my weapon, so I am open to alternate methods for achieving a similar effect as well. Thank you.

I guess you have to create your own shader in node material for instance and why not use a cylinder instead ???

You have plenty of nice videos from @PirateJC and teams in the doc to help in the process.

Sorry if my question seems basic, I am very new to babylon and game dev in general. I did consider using a cylinder but the lightning-like effect of the playground seemed really cool and I wanted to do something similar if possible. I will check out the node editor. Thank you for your reply.

This might help.


Thank you! these playgrounds are incredibly helpful.

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