How to slowly load meshes from an asset container?

I am loading a big scene and want to slowly popin the meshes.

  BABYLON.SceneLoader.LoadAssetContainer('./assets/scene/test/', 'Wasteland_Base_Demo.babylon', this.Game.scene, (container) => {
            console.log('our import', container);

            let max = 0;

            container.meshes.forEach(mesh => {
                if (max >= 50) {

                console.log('the mesh', mesh);

                // how do i add and load the mesh to my scene independently
                mesh.position = new BABYLON.Vector3(0, 0, 0);
                mesh.isVisible = true;

How do I get the mesh in the container to actually render in my current scene

You can use Babylon incrementation : Wasteland_base_Demo.incremental.babyon


Export incremental (source)

In this zip you have the compiled file (.exe and .dll) to generate an incremental file : (219,3 Ko)

Create a .bat file with this code to execute the creation of the incremental.babylon file :

 %~dp0..\MakeIncremental.exe /i:"Wasteland_base_Demo.incremental.babyon" /o:"../Scene/"

I will definitely try it out as it looks really cool. However I feel a bit worried as the performance system that loads assets doesn’t allow me to have much say in configuration and if something nuanced doesn’t work as intended, i’d have no control of what to do. Is there a way to do what I am asking without the Incremental loader?

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you can simply remove a mesh from the assetContainer.meshes and add it to the scene with something like:

let meshIndex = 8;
let mesh = assetContainer.meshes.splice(meshIndex, 1)[0];