Render meshes in the background?

So I’m dealing with a high mesh count in the 10000s which was initially a huge problem for loading, so I’ve made a simplified version of that representation that end up being a mesh count in the 1000s which makes loading relatively quick, however, I was wondering if there was a way to load the more advanced version with all the meshes in the background without updating the scene until it is completely done, allowing the user to still interact with the lower version and then finally updating at a push of a button when it’s ready? Is this possible or would the user have to wait?

I was thinking a potential solution would be to render a different scene in the background with all the copied meshes of the first scene + all the new meshes and once it’s done replace the current scene with the new scene? I was wondering it that was even possible or if there’s another more efficient way?

You could try looking at using assetContainer (See or Use an AssetContainer - Babylon.js Documentation) This will allow you to load models without adding them to the scene, so you could load the simplified version and as the other version loads you could swap models.

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