How to stop recorder?

declare class SceneRecorder {
private _trackedScene;
private _savedJSON;

  • Track a given scene. This means the current scene state will be considered the original state
  • @param scene defines the scene to track
    track(scene: Scene): void;
  • Get the delta between current state and original state
  • @returns a any containing the delta
    getDelta(): any;
    private _compareArray;
    private _compareObjects;
    private _compareCollections;
    private static GetShadowGeneratorById;
  • Apply a given delta to a given scene
  • @param deltaJSON defines the JSON containing the delta
  • @param scene defines the scene to apply the delta to
    static ApplyDelta(deltaJSON: any | string, scene: Scene): void;
    private static _ApplyPropertiesToEntity;
    private static _ApplyDeltaForEntity;

no stop function

getDelta() will return the current state. If you want to stop recording, simply dispose the recorder and recreates a new one when needed

Hi @liuzuwei-go just checking in, was your question answered?