How to subdivide meshes after merge two meshes

I can merging meshes.

What do I need to do to subdivide the mesh again when undoing?

Hello @lxq100 , how are you doing?

I don’t think you can separate your mesh once they get merged, I will do some research to see if it is possible or not. One possible solution might be for you to clone your meshes before merging and keeping the clones invisible.

This way, if you want to undo the operation you can just set the clones to be the new meshes.


Yes, I also don’t know about it. In fact, never thought of it. I’m not sure what exactly would be the benefit of being able to do this, but it sounds ‘cool’ :grin: I’m gonna keep an eye on this post for the experts answer (but I’d rather think this is not part of the game :thinking: :wink:

@lxq100 , I’ve just confirmed with the team, it is not possible to get the two original meshes back once they get merged.

Yes, I thought so. Doesn’t make much sense to me as the merge with multimaterial tends to rather increase the draw calls and doesn’t really show any other benefits than having a single mesh for an object group. I believe for the creation of ‘prefabs’, parenting and unparenting from a node would be the approach of my choice (of course, my opinion only). Meanwhile, have a great day :sunglasses: