HTTP 500 Error after building my Babylon App


i scripting my Babylon App with React and build it after it is finished.

Now i have 2 Models. At the first Model all works fine. But now at the twoth Model i get after the building Process a HTTP 500 Error which says, that the Babylon File can’t get loaded.

At my local developement Server (before building) the Babylon File can get loading. I don’t know why…
The Babylon File is in the correct Folder and get calling over the correct Path.

Here is a Link to the Page: Maybe you find anything.

Hope you can help me there.

Looks like the model you’re trying to load is:
let loadBikeModel = loader.addMeshTask(“TransTecFrogLite”, “”, “”, “TransTecFroglite.babylon”)

So, if I load the page:

It doesn’t resolve to the object.

You need to use the correct file path. Maybe the file is hosted under a different path and you need to specify it? Or maybe it is at that path but you don’t allow users to fetch that data?



Argh… :smiley: I have written the L after Frog small. After i have capitalized the L the Model get loaded.

Thanks for your help.

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