I get a crash when I try to enter VR experience with the Immersive Web Emmulator

I seem to get the error below thrown when I use the immersive emulator from Meta Quest and try to enter xr.

TypeError: Failed to construct 'PointerEvent': Failed to read the 'screenX' property from 'MouseEventInit': The provided double value is non-finite.

It seems to me like the old extension I was using doesn’t throw this exception but the old extension isn’t really doing much more than just moving the camera so I would want to use the Immersive emulator which seems very intuitive.

hey @DANIEL_S - does it happen with every session you are trying to start? would you be able to share the one you are trying to enter? playground maybe?

Just fixed it by resetting pose before entering VR. I don’t know why but yeah that seems to fix the issue.

resetting the pose? do you mean in XR? I will be happy to know if it a babylon issue to be able to fix it.

nope, I reset the pose on the emulator everytime before I enter VR then I don’t get the error.

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good tip! i’ll test it as well. thanks :slight_smile: