I get an error when I MergeMeshes in an animated .babylon file

Is there any way to fix this, or I have to redo the models without animation ?

I fear that animations will not be merged, only geometry. You can remove the animations anywhere in the pipeline you wish. Would start by doing this right in javascript. That way you would also confirm that this was actually the problem.

Once done and it now works, you can pick a better spot upstream. In any case, you won’t need to remodel, just remove.

I use LoadAssetContainer and instantiateModelsToScene (later in the code and it works great) for the animated meshes, but I also need a version of the meshes that isn’t animated (I use MergeMeshes for that). How exactly do I remove the animations (tried going through scene2.animations with a for and disposing them) but I still get the error.
The error is : Error in onSuccess callback (Positions are required).

It looks like you are trying to merge empty meshes, or meshes without geometry info. This is not possible and only meshes with geometry info can be merged together.

The meshes aren’t empty, I actually instantiate them later (with instantiateModelsToScene), I’m getting the error only with models the animated assets. I think the error happens because of the animations. I think (like JCPalmer said) that I should somehow disable the animations before merging them (into the unanimated version), but I can’t find any method to do this.