I need some tips

  • I need a function to be called only after a certain time! Does babylonjs have any function that does this?

  • I need a text to inform the user the name of the object that is selected and its information, as well as the buttons of the GUI control. I tried the dynamic texture but I could not.
    this text is fixed and is part of GUI users with the buttons.

  • I need BABYLON.ArcRotateCamera to only accept the rotation on a given axis via-pointers;
    I used this>
    camera.inputs.attached [‘pointers’]. detachControl (screen);

but now the camera does nothing because this disables everything and I want the user to be able to rotate on the given axis.

if anyone has an answer to these questions, thank you.

For your first point, you can just javascripts built in setTimeout: WindowOrWorkerGlobalScope.setTimeout() - Web APIs | MDN

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I’m using this! I wanted to know if Babylon has a function of its own.

Thanks for answering xD.