IDBStorageEnabled useless in not static assets

When I use “Database.IDBStorageEnabled = true” to load gltf from obs server, I found it will not load textures from database, and save some blob file repeatedly.

But the static asset in project can be loaded from catch(but also save some blob file repeatedly).

cc @RaananW

What version of babylon are you using? AFAIK this should have been resolved already

** EDIT - the “resolved” part in the blob-storage. it makes no sense storing the blobs in the IDBStorage, as they keep on changing. Now, about the model and images not loaded from the database - the model itself has the images integrated in it. Which means that when you load the model you also load the textures. If the model itself is cached, the textures are cached as well.

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version 4.2.1

Add one blob from .jpg Each time to refresh.

It was fixed in future versions. Are you able to switch to 5?

5.27 is worked。 4.2 will be fixed?

the 4 branch is not being updated. since we are back-compat switching to 5.X should not require any changes in your app (to the most part).