<iframe> on dynamicTexture

Hi everyone.

I’m looking for a way to insert a vimeo video on BabylonJS, and I found this link (https://playground.babylonjs.com/#AGY66J#6) where this guy ( [jesvin_palatty] I think) could project a youtube video over the canvas using an ArcRotateCamera and innerHTML.

In my case, I need to project a video on a plane or what ever in a fixed position of my 3D environment using a FreeCamera, so I found that BabylonJS has a DynamicTexture that works as a canvas, but once I try to implement the code on that dynamicTExture, I cannot achieve what I want. Can anyone give me an example or help with this, please? Thanks

Hello unfortunately this is not possible because vimeo or YouTube will protect their video with CORS that will tell the browser to “tent” the content making it impossible for you to read the data