Image in AdvancedDynamicTexture moves down when resizing screen

I have an image in an GUI AdvancedDynamicTexture. Every time I resize the window, the image moves down one pixel. If I remove and add the image again, it will show up in the down-shifted location, marching down the screen. I cannot reproduce this in the playground. A video of the issue is shown here.

  • the image is the only control in the GUI.

  • the horizontal and vertical alignment of the image is centered.

  • the size of the image is set in pixels

  • the only code on resize is this:

    window.addEventListener("resize", function () {

Any suggestions?

adding @msDestiny14

Hello hello! This may be tricky to debug without a PG. But let me put my detective hat on! :wink:


  • is the AdvancedDynamicTexture full screen or set to a ratio?

it is full-screen. are there any values that I can inspect?

position (top in pixels)
padding maybe?
I’ve tried to replicate this in a PG and got no luck so I’m not really sure.