Impact click animation


I am trying to creat a click and go to position, here is what I have accomplished so far

when hovering on ground, image is moving with pointer, and when click on ground, camera animate to that position and an image is placed.

The issue is, I world like this click to be animated, something like when we click it should create a click wave effect. how could I create that? I was thinking to use maybe sprites? I have seen this kind of effect on multiple scenes here ( couldn’t find a link for now)

p.s I am not sure if all the above code is good for performance or if there is any better way to create click and go to position?

I think animating the image is probably the simplest idea. Another recommendation I have would be adding a particle system on top? That might be a cool effect to play with!

@msDestiny14 thank you for your suggestions, I did a sprit but having issue

here is new PG

I can’t rotate my sprite, I tried to create a node

var rootImpact = new BABYLON.TransformNode("rootImpact", scene);
impact.parent = rootImpact;
rootImpact.rotation.x = Math.PI / 2; // this doesn't works.

basically I want to rotate image sprite to fit on ground.

@Deltakosh can we rotate sprites?

After looking into this a little more another idea I think could be trying using dynamic texture which I think would allow you to animate. Use Dynamic Texture - Babylon.js Documentation .