Imported models not visible in Babylon Webpack project

Hello. I just started a BabylonJS project using Webpack 4. However, my imported models (OBJ & gLTF) do not seem to appear in the scene.

GitHub link to my code - GitHub - gdebojyoti/stormfly at e8a59d2414875fdeb3a20e839288e95ca047b3aa
Hosted at -

The lego model is a free one that I downloaded online.
The boombox model was downloaded from models_babylonjs_com/boombox.glb.

Both of the models look completely fine when viewed in Babylon’s sandbox (sandbox_babylonjs_com).

I did some Googling, but none of the solutions available seem to work for me.

Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong?

Hey and welcome!

what kind of error do you get?

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Also can you provide an example with a non minifed code?

I managed to get it to work by using SceneLoader.ImportMesh instead of SceneLoader.LoadAssetContainer.

Updated code here - stormfly/app.js at 5c4f9a1a994108127c4c6474f3168d4d4ce0b26e · gdebojyoti/stormfly · GitHub

Btw, BabylonJS playground seems to be down for me. Apparently, my browser “detected a potential security threat”. Anyone else having the same problem?

Should be back to normal as @RaananW was kindly moving us to a faster CDN :wink:

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Update: I realized that the boombox model was not visible because its scale was way too low.