Impossible to apply texture of server adress

my Question is very simpley

It’s just impossible to apply texture

imge link : resolved
my server(nginx + react) apply to CORS but This is an inapplicable texture

someone else’s image link :
transform adress, What I said earlier is possible.

If you put it as a direct sub-address(ex : ‘/adress/imge.jpg’), it is possible imges, but it is impossible to apply the resource of an external address.
babylon texture.url link is not woriking but div img tag can this image
What should I do?

CORS is not enabled on this server, and this is why it is not working.

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Thank you for your help. As a result of inquiring with the server administrator, cors was applied for api control, etc., but it was not applied to the direct address of the server.
It seems to be caused by some communication error.