Impostor with only check if collision or not

Hello, how can I make a impostor like a sensor of collision?
I’m not able to get any example of this, someone know how to make this? Is it possible?

Hey can you tell us more? Adding @Cedric for follow up

What I need is something like:
1-add a physicsImpostor to a mesh [ok]
2-the impostor just need to detect contact (just overlap)
I know the ray cast, but I want to use the “shape” of a mesh to detect intersetion with another impostors, without any collision processissing.

ha! @RaananW added that feature recently, you are lucky :slight_smile:

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Oh, there is some example of use? May you give me some more info?

I did something about that last week

The thread is here : Mesh CheckCollision but pass thru other mesh

a PG : Babylon.js Playground

Check line 27 for collisionResponse = false;: collision are detected but not processed for a physics response.


Thank you, man!