In WebXR GUI is not scaling correctly

First time it opens correctly, from next time the UI is not scaling correctly. please see below buttons are bigger

This is really hard to troubleshoot without a repro in the playground. It would be great if you could provide one ?

@RaananW our XR guru could then have a look at it :slight_smile:

i’ll look into that. Any playground you can share with us?

Sorry for late reply,

Here is application we are building, once you open this link in mobile, you have AR button in right corner.

first time it opens correctly with correct scaling , next time if i open this link and click on AR button the buttons scales are not correct.

is this enough for your debugging, please let me know.

@RaananW is off next week so please be patient for the answer and do not hesitate to ping him back in a week :slight_smile:


I opened the link. First - great work! Nice way of dealing with the hit test marker.

I couldn’t reproduce the issue. The buttons scale the same when I open, close and reopen, and refresh the page. They are always the same (very small, but same size). Is it possible it was already resolved due to another fix?

I’m off this week so I won’t be available too much, but would be great to have screenshots of the expected behavior to understand what I need to be looking for

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