IndexedDB caching of textures


It seems to me that the IndexedDB caching only works when models are loaded. I checked the source and it confirmed my suspicion.
I’d like to also use it for when loading textures separately, i.e. CubeTexture.CreateFromImages. Is there a way I can leverage the existing system, or do I need to roll my own?

(It might also be good to mention this in the docs?)

Files loaded during the process of texture generation also go through the database caching process, but you would need to initialize the database to ignore manifests, otherwise it won’t work. The manifest is for loading an entire scene. Without a manifest, any file loaded using the FileTools.LoadFile will go through the db.

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Setting engine.disableManifestCheck = true indeed works.

I think this docs page could use some updating then because the first statement is quite misleading/wrong.

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we have had a few internal discussions about the database class and are going to revamp it in the next release. a docs update will follow :slight_smile: