How to cache resources with indexedDB without a .babylon file

I am using the AssetsManager to load multiple textures but I have only a very simple scene and the meshes do not change. In the documentation it says I need a .babylon file with a scene name in order to create the .manifest file for the indexedDB caching.

How can I cache the loaded textures without a .babylon file? I am using current stable Babylon Version 3.3

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The Database works at scene level so it is not supporting (for now) individual requests but you can still use IndexedDB if you want to save your data locally

How exactly? :slight_smile:
Iā€™m loading a gltf scene, I have IDBStorage enabled, I have my manifest file (the engine looks for it with the name of the gltf file (scene.gltf.manifest). However I still see many requests to the server, browser cache handling it not IDB.

Do I have to register the files I want cached somehow? Or something else?

Can you share a repro in the playground?