Individual text and page links on single box mesh


I would like to erase wording from the ceiling and floor of the mesh while in center from left to right: Games, Resources, & Forum. Also I want these 3 sections to link to different files/url. Don’t know how to separate each section. Thanks for the help!!

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Hi Mekaboo,

If you haven’t already, I’d strongly encourage you to look into the Babylon.js GUI as a way to easily equip your scenes with interactable elements. If what you’re trying to do is orchestrate common interactions like click navigation and so forth, Babylon’s built-in GUI provides a lot of abstractions that will make it easier for you to create buttons with text, etc. without having to custom-implement the behavior. There’s even 3D GUI support if you specifically want your buttons, etc. to be a part of your 3D scene.

In case you have some specific reason for avoiding GUI and genuinely do want to run your interactions through mesh picking, I’d would (assuming I understand your intent correctly) recommend using planes instead of boxes and separating your interactions into distinct planes. I refactored your Playground and exhibited something along these lines here:

I didn’t spend time on layout or looks, but you should be able to achieve your original look in a number of ways, including making the plane backgrounds transparent and moving them where you want them over the cube behind. Again, a lot of this is just replicating functionality that’s already done for you in the Babylon GUI and 3D GUI; but assuming you need your functionality to not be based on GUI, this is how I’d recommend going about it. Hope this helps, and best of luck!

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Thank ya Sir @syntheticmagus :heartpulse:

Im going to take out the “hello” text/link then rotate and make transparent the GUI boxes you created.

Ive looked at the GUI doc page but didnt want to use it because of the 3D style buttons. Didnt think of the style you created.

Thank ya so very much!!!