Help with GUI text/button


I want to take what was done in this PG as far as text link:
Apply it to this PG:
Difference is I want to add the text button in front of the globe and still have it rotate. When I add GUI the rotation stops and it messes up the PG.

Just want to add a simple button or word text that I can link to another page. Thank ya so very much!!

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Not sure what was the problem before, but I think this is what you would like? :slight_smile:

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Thank ya so very much Madam @msDestiny14 :heart:

Initially I wanted to use the heart import mesh, rotate it, and add text link which Sir @Deltakosh helped (PG #23). After thinking it over chose to keep it simple and add a sphere mesh with earth.jpg texture(PG #27) with GUI and PG messed up. What you did was exactly what I wanted!!!

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Madam @msDestiny14 one simple question:

Want to link the button to another pageโ€ฆwhere do I add the link within code? Thank ya!!!

Here you go, just navigates to the Babylon website. Iโ€™d also recommend reading up on our documentation. :smiley: Open A URL On An Event | Babylon.js Documentation

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Thank ya again this helps alot :relaxed: :yellow_heart: